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The Point Examined

by Michael Hopping and Susan Oehler

During August and September of 2004, the authors conducted a study of political bias in Mark Hyman's daily commentary, The Point. The Point is a product of News Central, the Sinclair Broadcasting Group's centralized alternative to local news. The Point is aired on a majority of the 62 television stations Sinclair owns or controls through local marketing agreements.

The Sinclair Broadcasting Group has a longstanding, well known, and well documented affinity for Republican politics. According to the Center For Public Integrity, between 1996 and the middle of 2004, Republicans received 89% of the 2.3 million dollars Sinclair donated to political causes. (According to the same report, available at:, this lopsided Republican tilt exceeds even that of Clear Channel Communications, the better known Republican benefactor which owns or operates more than 1200 radio stations nationwide.) Sinclair's political leanings became national news on April 30, 2004 when the corporation forbad the ABC affiliates it controls from broadcasting an edition of Ted Koppel's Nightline during which Mr. Koppel read the names of the American troops killed in Iraq up to that date. A statement by Sinclair alleged political motivations by Mr. Koppel but did not acknowledge it's own record of political activism.

With this background in mind, the authors downloaded transcripts of all available episodes of The Point originally broadcast between 8/8 and 9/30/2004. Excluding an irregularly occurring feature called "The Mailbag", we captured 37 commentaries. Of this number, 25 made direct reference to President Bush, Senator Kerry, or both. (Ralph Nader and other alternative candidates for president were not mentioned a single time.) We then evaluated each mention of a candidate according to the procedure detailed below. After we completed our individual tallies, we met to resolve discrepancies. Disagreements between us were few. Most concerned the issue of how inclusively to interpret the definition of "Independent Mention." The numbers and explanations appearing in bold in the transcripts represent our consensus decisions.

Readers of this work should be aware of the authors' own political leanings. Neither of us support President Bush. One of us would rather elect a dead cat. To control for our own biases, this report reprints the transcripts of The Point we evaluated. Readers are thus free to repeat our study themselves and arrive at their own conclusions.

Here then, are the rules, the transcripts, the results, conclusions, and a comment about the legality of Sinclair's electioneering via The Point.

The Rules

The Point rating scale for mentions of Senator Kerry and President Bush

Every mention of either candidate, which makes a separate point, is rated if adequate context for the comment is available in the text or on video.

Rating Scale:
1 point = strongly negative comment
2 points = mild or middling negative
3 points = neutral
4 points = mild or middling positive
5 points = strongly positive comment

The Results:
(Independent Mentions / Total points / Average points per mention)
President Bush 15 / 48 / 3.2
Senator Kerry 58 / 84 / 1.4

Reanalysis counting each mention as a separate entity.

Sometimes the repetition of a name or idea can have a psychologically persuasive effect over and above whatever other values a larger statement containing the name or idea may have. In this study we found several instances when candidate names, and/or direct references to them, were used repetitively in the service of making a single point. We wondered whether this repetition changed the overall positivity or negativity for mentions of President Bush or Senator Kerry.

For this reanalysis of the data, if an instance of a candidate's name constituted part of a single ongoing thought, it was counted separately and assigned the point value attributed to the overall thought. For example, if there were four instances of Senator Kerry's name appearing in the course of making a single neutral (3 point) statement, this reanalysis counted 4 mentions for Kerry and a total of 12 points.

(All Mentions / All points / Average points for all mentions)
President Bush : 24 / 84 / 3.5
Senator Kerry 111 / 138 / 1.2

The Conclusions

Our original analysis showed the presence of a strong bias against Senator Kerry. The 1.4 average score for mentions of his name translated to something approximating moderate disapproval. The President, in contrast, received a slightly positive rating overall, with an average score of 3.2. In the reanalysis, the disparity between The Point's treatment of President Bush and Senator Kerry became more pronounced. Kerry mentions now approached an average score of strong disapproval. Bush mentions became a little more positive.

We analyzed these transcripts in the weeks following the media flap over the anti-Kerry Swift Boat Veterans attack ads and the broader debate over the appropriateness of political advertisement, typically attack ads, emanating from so-called 527 organizations, Swift Boat Veterans,, and others. We were struck by the similarity of many episodes of The Point to attack ads. Not counting the two unanalyzed episodes during which Senator Kerry's face was shown while an attack not mentioning him by name was in progress, there were 11 direct attacks launched on the Senator between 9/8 and 9/30. Transcript readers were given links to documents allegedly supporting some points made by Mr. Hyman. The documents did not fully support his statements as he implied they would. One link was nonfunctional. Some other charges were clearly over the top:

9/22 The Kerry-led protests emboldened Communist forces to launch offensive operations against American and South Vietnamese defensive positions only days later.

9/27 John Kerry is a gundecking sea lawyer. One wonders whether the Senator's mother also wears Army shoes.

Is This Electioneering Legal?

In the 2004 election season, the answer to this question seems to be yes. The Reagan administration scrapped the Federal Communications Commission Fairness Doctrine in 1983. Before that time, no broadcast station could dream of airing unopposed political bias anywhere near the order of magnitude demonstrated by The Point during August and September 2004. Despite industry opposition, the Reagan FCC retained a few scraps of the Fairness Doctrine, specifically rules governing personal attacks and political editorials. Broadcasters were required to notify an attacked or opposed party and provide rebuttal time.

The National Association of Broadcasters and the Radio-Television News Directors Association sued to eliminate these vestiges of equal time. And they won. In October 2000, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals struck down the FCC's attack and editorial rules. FCC Chairman, Michael Powell, was jubilant in defeat. His statement in the FCC order formally abolishing the regulations included the following; "As a result of this extraordinary measure by the court, the Commission has finally accomplished what it should have done twenty years ago when this proceeding was commenced in 1983---that is, the repeal of these rules. Now, finally, the proceeding is over and the rules are gone."

Needless to say, the FCC has not moved to substitute new rules constraining attacks and editorials. Congress has done nothing to address the issue, although H.R. 4710, the "Meaningful Expression of Democracy in America (MEDIA) Act, was introduced in the U.S. House in the summer of 2004. If enacted, broadcast licensees would be required to "afford reasonable opportunity for the discussion of conflicting views on issues of public importance."

The Campaign Finance Reform Act of 2002 severely restricted corporate contributions to political campaigns. But it left a gaping loophole for broadcasters. As long as the electioneering is done in the context of news, editorial, or commentary, there are no restrictions or limitations on what a broadcaster can say or how often he or she says it. The Sinclair Broadcasting Group was apparently acting within the letter of Campaign Finance Reform law when it used The Point as cover for a blatant campaign of corporate political advocacy. Corporations without a broadcast mouthpiece might be limited to donations of $1000. For Sinclair and other media outlets with political agendas, the sky seems to be the limit.

The Transcripts

Titles of these transcripts are those used by The Point. Episodes not mentioning a candidate by name are listed, along with a theme statement, but were not analyzed further. It should be noted that, on at least two occasions, 9/26 and 9/30, television viewers saw the face of Senator Kerry while a critical commentary not mentioning him by name was read.

8/8 Self Indulgence - subject Martha Stewart, no mentions

8/9 Single Source Support ---Since he first ran for public office in 1998, John Edwards has raised $46 million. Nearly one-half of that amount 45% came from trial lawyers. Talk about owning a candidate lock, stock and barrel. This should frighten all of America. Well, except for greedy trial lawyers. Multi-millionaire trial attorneys already profit handsomely from the nation's legal system. But they want further legal loopholes that would provide increased lawsuit opportunities. So far, the trial lawyer lobby has successfully defeated reasonable lawsuit reform efforts in Congress especially in the Senate where John Kerry (1) and Edwards have backed the trial lawyer lobby.

With the lawsuit-friendly Kerry (continuation) and Edwards on one ticket, the trial lawyer lobby is poised to win the World Series, the Super Bowl, the Olympics and the Power Ball lottery all wrapped up into one. Skyrocketing medical insurance rates are already driving doctors to quit medicine around the country, putting affordable healthcare even further out of the reach of average Americans. Businesses shut down and jobs are often lost when frivolous lawsuits are filed to fatten lawyer bank accounts. But you ain't seen nothin' yet. Imagine the phenomenal increase in lawsuits if the trial lawyers' Dream Team takes up White House residence. You'll know the trial lawyer lobby will be in charge. Why do you think they given tens of millions of dollars to both Kerry (continuation) and Edwards?

And that's the Point.

8/10 Hollywood Interrupted - subject Hollywood, no mentions

8/11 Deficits---There is no doubt about it. Deficits are not good. Yet our government is in a deficit to the tune of more than $400 billion for next year. Both the President (2) and the Congress need to rein in spending and get back to a balanced budget.

Much of today's deficits are attributable to too much spending and President Bush's (continuation) middle income tax relief. Taxes were cut to put more money in the hands of consumers to jump-start the economy which began to slide in the spring of 2000. But before we get too critical regarding deficits let's look at the facts and discuss the impact deficits have on today's economy.

The US has averaged 5.6, the annualized unemployment rate for 2004 is lower than the annual rate for 19 of the previous 25 years. So while deficits are not good business, it's clear the deficits have not hurt our current economic situation.

And given a choice, I'd rather have deficits with robust economic growth, low unemployment and inflation rates, and record home ownership than a balanced budget with the sluggish economy that resulted from the false promises of the high-tech 90's and the 2001 terrorist attacks. Our next step is to have both a strong economy and a balanced budget.

And that's The Point.

8/12 Behind The Scenes At The Democratic Convention---The Democratic and Republican conventions have become highly scripted affairs for broadcast TV and the cable channels. So we took the Point cam on a walkabout to provide a view of the Democratic convention you wouldn't have seen unless you were actually in Boston.

City streets were near empty. Some shops closed. Business owners complained. "I think everyone will be glad when life goes back to normal next week." Inside the crowded convention center, vendors raked in the money. Security officials confiscated bottled water so vendors could sell theirs at $5 each. The media had to pay $500 to have these lights turned on and $500 to turn them off. $89 to empty the trash daily. New phones were mandatory at $100 each.

Delegates and guests inside and out displayed various messages. Some patriotic, some silly and some were downright vulgar.

Delegates talked about Heinz sightings. Both kinds.

And celebrity sightings, too.

Some journalists got caught up in the emotion. Others did not. And if you ever wondered why Peter Jennings appears to favor terrorists over America then maybe this will give you a clue.

As far as Bostonians were concerned, they were unimpressed with the political visitors. Barroom TVs were ignored or tuned to ESPN. And the answers to our man on the street poll "Who would you prefer to see John Kerry (2) or comedian Jim Carey?" were: "Jim Carey," "Jim Carey," "Jim Carey,"

And that's The Point.

8/13 Short Takes August 13th---I wonder about the following topics: Didn't anyone tell them that that is the city where they manufacture American cars? The John Kerry (1) campaign visited Detroit last month and issued a press pass which featured the Rolls Royce prototype 100EX luxury sedan. The only Rolls Royce currently in production starts at $324,000 each. Will American pride lose out to American dollars? The US-owned Subway sandwich company is using a serving tray liner in Germany, which asks the question "Why are Americans so fat?" It also features a chubby Statue of Liberty.

Did you know there will no longer be a majority religious denomination in America? According to the National Opinion Research Center, Protestants will fall below 50% as early as this year for the first time since the colonial era. The decline is attributed to the rise in people claiming no religious practice and an increase in Islam, Buddhism and other Eastern faiths. Do they need a death cage match-up? Last month's Democratic Convention hit a record low for viewer ratings on broadcast TV. The GOP Convention is expected to perform no better.

I'm just wondering.

And that's the Point.

8/29 Household vs Payroll Surveys -subject economic recovery, no mentions

8/30 GOP Convention - Day 1 (Opening Day)---The first day of the Republican Convention will likely continue a trend.

Last month's Democratic Convention set a new low for broadcast television viewers. The conventions have become highly scripted affairs offering less suspense than a TV drama rerun.

Those interested in presidential politics are turning their attention to alternative sources such as the Internet and comedy TV.

According to the Pew Research Center just 23 rely on comedy programs such as Saturday Night Live and Comedy Central's The Daily Show. Thirteen percent get informed by late night TV hosts such as David Letterman and Jay Leno. The problem with relying completely on late night or comedy TV for political news is best summed up by The Daily Show's Jon Stewart.

(Jon Stewart) "We are not a news show, obviously. Some people confuse us with a news show, they say, are you a news show? And that either says something terrible about the state of news in country or something terrible about the state of comedy on our program."

This problem is not one that will go away anytime soon. Young voters are increasingly relying on news mixed with humor in order to form their political decisions. As amusing as this may sound, it is a sad commentary when one considers the real world problems we all face.

Underscoring this point, last week John Kerry (3) scored an impressive 1.5 million viewers on a cable comedy show appearance.

And that's The Point. In New York City.

8/31 GOP Convention - (Day 2) Moderates Take Center Stage ---By any measure, George Bush (3) is the most conservative President in the last 40 years. John Kerry (3), the most liberal Democratic nominee in recent memory. The country is more divided along party lines than ever before.

So what is the Republican game plan to attract those undecided voters? I sat down with moderate Republican Governor Robert Ehrlich. Two years ago he was the first Republican in 36 years elected governor in heavily Democratic Maryland.

Ehrlich sees the mix of moderate and conservative convention speakers as good for the party.

(Segment on tape) Ehrlich said, "Having left versus right generally fight over ideas and platforms and debate every four years is relatively good for the country, in my view."

Ehrlich added, "Debate is good for a party. A party that stifles debate is a party that is not going to grow."

And how has the national party changed during his 20 years in politics?

(Segment on tape) Ehrlich said, "The party has become much more the party of Main Street rather than Wall Street."

The Democratic convention was seen as unified, everyone on message. Ehrlich doesn't see the spectrum of philosophies on display in New York as a negative. Instead, he believes it will attract voters because.

(Segment on tape) Ehrlich said, "We have a larger tent."

Many GOP moderates and liberals take the stage this week, including California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and former New York Mayor Rudy Guiliani. We'll find out how the voters react to the GOP plan on November 2nd.

And that's The Point. In New York.

9/1 GOP Convention - (Day 3) Stem Cell Research---Abortion -- the most divisive issue in America and one not discussed during the Democratic convention. In New York, the GOP is avoiding its own controversial topic: stem cells.

Three years ago, President Bush (3) limited federal funding of research to the existing 60 embryonic stem cell lines in existence. Yet, more than half a billion dollars -- the first federal funds ever contributed -- came from the Bush (3) administration.

What both parties have overlooked is the more promising umbilical cord blood stem cells. Such cells are currently being used to treat more than 40 different cancers, immune deficiencies and genetic disorders. Four million live births each year yield an almost endless supply of cells.

Cord and embryonic stem cells are nearly identical with three exceptions: embryonic cells are theoretically able to clone new life. Creating life in the laboratory poses a huge ethical dilemma. Embryonic cells originate from a fetus -- enter the abortion debate. And lastly, lab researchers have not yet been successful in controlling cancerous growth within embryonic cells.

On the other hand, cord stem cells offer a treasure trove of possible cures for dozens of afflictions. And they bring none of the ethical baggage that is attached to the embryonic cells debate.

The Point has learned that Michael, the oldest son of Ronald Reagan, will likely promote cord cell research in his Wednesday remarks.

And that's The Point. In Madison Square Garden.

9/2 GOP CONVENTION - (Day 4) Sibling Rivalry---Yesterday, Michael Reagan spoke to the GOP convention creating a sort of a Reagan versus Reagan moment. His younger brother Ron addressed the Democratic convention but he stopped short of endorsing John Kerry (2).

Sibling rivalry has sometimes played itself out in political races. In 1998, a Kansas family court battle spilled over into politics when two brothers backed opposing candidates in Senator Sam Brownback's reelection race. Many people remember the Bennetts. Bill, who served in two Republican administrations, wrote the Book of Virtues. Bob, an attorney, defended a president who showed no virtue.

Aside from the Reagans, this presidential race has produced its own brotherly differences. Hollywood agitator and sometimes actor Alec Baldwin is strongly behind Kerry (2, paired with "agitator') whereas brother Stephen is supporting Bush (3).

Teresa Heinz has two sons who've campaigned on behalf of step-dad John Kerry (2, a son doesn't like him), but a third son reportedly wants nothing to do with the Massachusetts Senator.

And the New York Times' liberal columnist Maureen Dowd acknowledges she is out of step with her family over her support of John Kerry (3).

If politics makes strange bedfellows, imagine what it does for family reunions.

And that's The Point. At Madison Square Garden.

9/3 GOP CONVENTION - (Day 5) Behind the Scenes---While at the GOP Convention in New York we took the Point cam on a walkabout to give you a behind the scenes look at what the network and cable news programs didn't show you.

Although some New Yorkers left town, the streets were still busy. This city never sleeps.

Traffic was disrupted. Navigating through security on each floor of Madison Square Garden was as challenging as a video game -- hoping to make it to level 10.

There was activity on the podium. And on the floor. Some came to see. And others to be seen. Entertainment rose to the occasion to keep delegates entertained. There were old familiar faces. And some new ones.

There was cowboy fashion. And cowboy passion. Cowboy hats were in vogue. So were war heroes. And hometown heroes.

Across the street the media huddled around makeshift workstations as they met deadlines to get their facts together. Although some cared less about the facts.

Outside groups assembled to promote their points of view. Protestors showed contempt for the President (2).

(Hany Khalil/Protest organizer) "We came together to speak in one voice against the Bush (continuation, need video) agenda."

There was even some destructive behavior.

And others displayed naked support for the 43rd president (?). Even in a Democratic town Bush (5) has fans.

(Michael Cerullo/Security guard) "I believe in our president (continuation), I believe in the war, and I am really happy and proud to have the Republicans in the city."

Although New Yorkers support Carrie (?), too.

There's not much this city hasn't seen. And after its first Republican convention, it may have seen it all. And life returns to New York normal. (Naked Cowboy)

"America, living in the U.S."

And that's The Point. In Times Square.

9/5-Amnesty 2004---Amnesty is when a government pardons a large group of individuals. Now, it's not called an amnesty plan, but that's exactly what it is. And it's wrong.

I am referring to the Bush (2) Administration's proposed "guest worker" program. The proposal is to grant limited amnesty to as many as 12 million aliens who are in the U.S. illegally. President Bush (continuation) unveiled the plan earlier this year, but more details have only recently become available. The program would allow illegal aliens who are employed to remain in the U.S for an undetermined number of renewable three year periods. After which they could seek permanent legal status.

There is no doubt the U.S. needs to overhaul its immigration policy. It's currently like an all-you-can-eat buffet, with various groups scooping generous heapings of foreign immigrants into the U.S. without regard to sound immigration policy. This doesn't even take into account the ease with which illegal aliens cross our borders.

But rewarding lawbreakers while law-abiding immigration applicants patiently wait for approval to legally enter the U.S. is unfair. And that's the Point.

9/6- Campaign Finances - subject campaign finances, no mentions

9/7-College Guide - touting a college guide, no mentions

9/8- October Surprise---October Surprise is a term ascribed to a political revelation that is meant to affect the outcome of a presidential election. Former Jimmy Carter staffer Gary Sick, alleged that Ronald Reagan sprung an October Surprise by secretly negotiating with Iran to keep Americans held hostage in the U.S. Embassy until after the election was over, thereby costing Carter a second term. Absurd was the word that described Sick's silly conspiracy theory.

But October Surprises have occurred. In the last election, an Al Gore campaign operative leaked word to the press that a young George Bush (2) was stopped on suspicion of drunk driving years earlier. It undoubtedly cost Bush (continuation) thousands of votes.

Both the Kerry (3) and Bush (3) campaigns are likely bracing for October Surprise revelations this year. But the most likely October Surprise may come from forces abroad. Homeland Security believes Al Qaeda is planning a major fall attack.

Last March, Al Qaeda-linked terrorists set off 10 bombs on a commuter train in Spain, killing nearly 200 and injuring more than a thousand. The plan was to cost the then-current government, which had been tough on terrorism, the upcoming election. The plan worked and a new prime minister weak on defense took office.

Al Qaeda is likely looking to repeat its success in America. The terrorist leaders would dearly love to see President Bush (5, tough on terror) replaced with Senator Kerry (1) who has a weak Senatorial record when it comes to national defense and fighting terrorism. But launching an October Surprise attack may reawaken Americans to the terrorist threats we face and it could affect a November election outcome that would surprise Al Qaeda leaders.

And that's the Point.

9/9- Whatever Happened to Spike - subject Scott Speicher, no mentions

9/10- Short Takes September 10th---I wonder about the following topics: Does he have amnesia? Four years ago Alan Keyes said the following of Hillary Clinton's New York Senate run: "I deeply resent the destruction of federalism represented by Hillary Clinton's willingness to go into a state she doesn't live in and pretend to represent the people there." Keyes, a resident of Maryland, is running for the Senate seat in Illinois.

Did you know these guys aren't running free? Supporters of Martha Stewart claim she was singled out and other high profile corporate crooks have gotten away. Enron's Ken Lay and Jeffrey Skilling, indicted. Andrew Fastow, awaiting sentencing. Adelphia's John Rigas, convicted and awaiting sentencing. Worldcom's Bernie Ebbers, indicted. Credit Suisse First Boston's Frank Quattrone, awaiting sentencing. Tyco's Dennis Kozlowski, awaiting retrial. The wheels of justice are turning.

Did your hear about this political development? Peter Chernin, president and COO of News Corporation, the parent company of Fox News Channel has endorsed a presidential candidate. A-ha! That confirms the channel's alleged Republican bias. Well, not exactly. Chernin has endorsed John Kerry (4). Does he know he's not helping matters any? Kerry (1) backer Jim Rassman told the Boston Globe that among the injuries Kerry (continuation) suffered to earn a Purple Heart was when he blew up food supplies causing some rice to hit Kerry (continuation).

I'm just wondering.

And that's the Point.

9/11- Remembering September 11th - subject 9/11, no mentions

9/12- Environmental Defense Inc.---"If you ask me, it'd be little short of disastrous for us to discover a source of clean, cheap, abundant energy because of what we would do with it."

That very bizarre statement was said by Amory Lovins, who received a quarter of a million dollar Heinz Award for the Environment from the $1.24 billion war chest of foundation money that is controlled by Teresa Heinz Kerry. Such statements illustrate the irrational mindset of environmental extremists. The Capital Research Center watchdog group reports that Heinz Kerry has been active in funding radical groups that have blocked U.S. efforts to achieve energy independence. In fact, Heinz Kerry has been a trustee of the extremist group Environmental Defense for 20 years and has served as vice-chair for the last 12. She has suspended her activities during her husband's presidential race.

Heinz Kerry has said she will not give up her activities even if her husband (1, wife is radical environmental extremist) is elected President. Imagine the implications. Heinz Kerry who is the source of the Massachusetts Senator's hundreds of millions of dollars has been actively fighting efforts to reduce reliance on foreign oil. For example, 99 in the U.S. and the rest from Canada. Yet Environmental Defense has successfully blocked and delayed increasing natural gas production.

This has wide implications considering the growing worldwide pressure placed on foreign energy sources. This year, China has increased oil imports by more than 40% over last year. And American consumers will face steeply rising energy costs as long as radical groups like Environmental Defense - funded by Heinz Kerry -- continue to block reasonable energy alternatives.

And that's the Point.

9/13- Kerry And The Killing---In his campaign book Massachusetts Senator John Kerry (3) notes there was fine line between actions that merited a court martial or a medal. He reported that medals were given for questionable activities in order to boost morale.

This narrow distinction figures into the controversy that has raged for a several weeks regarding the Silver Star Kerry (1, lying, back-shooting, killer of wounded teenager) was awarded for killing a Vietnamese man. For more than 30 years, Kerry (continuation) has portrayed a heroic version of a life and death struggle -- of staring down a suspected guerilla who was about to fire upon Kerry's swift boat. It was kill. Or be killed. At least, that's the version Kerry (continuation) tells.

Eyewitnesses offer a far different account. They allege Kerry (continuation) shot a wounded teenager retreating from battle.

Kerry (1, hiding things) has made public, hundreds of pages of official Navy documents to bolster his many claims. Conspicuous by its absence is the official after action report of what actually happened that day. The after action report written by John Kerry (continuation), himself. In an exclusive, The Point has obtained this document from U.S. Navy archives (you can see it here ). The pertinent section reads:

"PCF 94 beached in center of ambush in front of small path when Viet Cong sprung up from bunker 10 feet from unit. Man ran with weapon towards hootch. Forward M-60 machine gunner wounded man in leg. Officer-in-charge, LTjg Kerry (1, given above context), jumped ashore and gave pursuit while other units saturated area with fire and beached placing assault parties ashore. Kerry (continuation) chased VC inland behind hootch and shot him while he fled -- capturing one B-40 rocket launcher with round in chamber." So there you have it. The official record written by John Kerry (1, lying, etc. as above) supports what the critics have alleged rather than the John Wayne Kerry (continuation) version the Massachusetts liberal has been telling.

Death is a reality of war. Events occur that are not for the faint of heart. Yet, John Kerry's (continuation) account of killing what turned out to really be a wounded man while he fled continues Kerry's (continuation) pattern of lies, exaggerations and embellishments.

Killing a wounded man while he retreated from battle is not an action that most servicemen would brag about. But then again, most servicemen would not return home and attack the very country they were supposed to fight for.

And that's the Point.

9/14- Kerry And The Purple Heart---Controversy has surrounded the Massachusetts Senator's (1, self-inflicted scratch) first Purple Heart. John Kerry (continuation) claims to have been wounded in battle on December 2nd, 1968, and therefore, deserving of the medal. The officer in command of the event was an eyewitness. He reports there was no enemy fire. That John Kerry (continuation) had a self-inflicted wound.

The doctor who treated Kerry (continuation) called the wound a scratch, which was treated with antiseptic and a band aid. Kerry's (continuation) request for a Purple Heart was turned down by his chain-of-command. Yet he somehow finagled one by other means.

Kerry (3) challenges his critics to examine the official Navy records. So, we've taken up his challenge. Here are the facts. There is no after action report, which was required had there been enemy fire. There is no personnel casualty report detailing Kerry's (1, discredited) wounds. The December 2nd event didn't qualify for either.

In an exclusive, The Point can report that a casualty card does not exist for Kerry's (continuation) wound. Described by Navy offiicials as "valuable as gold," a casualty card documented a wound qualifying for a Purple Heart. While casualty cards exist for Kerry's (continuation) 2nd and 3rd Purple Hearts, none exists for the first (see them here ).

The complete absence of these three documents thoroughly discredits John Kerry's (continuation) claim that he suffered a combat wound.

In his dishonest efforts to try to create an image that he is some kind of war hero, Kerry (1) insulted each and every serviceman who was legitimately wounded. Many of whom who refused to apply for Purple Hearts even when they qualified for them.

The Point issues a challenge to John Kerry (1, documents don't exist) to produce these three documents. So far, his campaign has released hundreds of pages of documents, but the ones that matter most, simply don't exist.

And that's The Point.

9/15- Kerry And The Winter Soldier Investigation---Massachusetts Senator John Kerry (1, radical) was one of dozens of participants at the so-called Winter Soldier Investigation held in Detroit in early 1971. An exhaustive review of dozens of newspaper articles published during that time is on our website. This review revealed the following.

Speakers claiming to be veterans alleged that American servicemen routinely carried out atrocities and committed war crimes. Kerry's (continuation) Vietnam Veterans Against the War colleague, Jan Crumb, said it is "America now, not Hitler's Germany, that stands blood-handed." Efforts to have several Communist North Vietnamese speak to the group were canceled over passport visa difficulties.

A major feature of the Detroit meeting was testimony by a pair of claimed POWs who disputed reports of mistreatment of American POWs by their Communist Vietnamese captors. The pair claimed it was U.S.troops -- and not the Communists -- who were torturing and killing prisoners of war (see here ).

Obviously their claims were discredited when more than 400 American POWs were released in 1973.

The financial backer of the Winter Soldier Investigation which cost an estimated $50,000 to produce -- was the radical Jane Fonda. The same Fonda who gleefully simulated shooting down U.S. airmen while sitting on a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun in 1972.

Speaking of Fonda, her relationship with Kerry (1, probably lying about Hanoi Jane relationship) is an odd one. John Kerry (continuation) who in Forrest Gump fashion managed to meet President Kennedy, the powerful Senator J. William Fulbright and even former Beatle John Lennon, denied meeting Fonda during that period of time.... even though she attended the group's protest events and raised money for them across the county. Kerry (continuation) claimed they never crossed paths. The evidence suggests otherwise.

Kerry (1) has attempted to soft pedal the Winter Soldier Investigation, but the reality is the meeting was stridently anti-American in promoting false allegations against tens of thousands of American troops during a time of war (see here ).

These allegations were used by the Communist Vietnamese against American prisoners of war.

John Kerry (continuation) and the partisan press don't want you to know of his leading role in this Winter Soldier Investigation.

And that's The Point.

9/16- Kerry And The Three Weeks Of Protest---Massachusetts Senator John Kerry (1) was one of the architects of what Newsweek magazine called the "three week Washington demonstration season" in 1971. Kerry's (1) Vietnam Veterans Against the War joined forces with several protest organizations including a wing of the Socialist Workers Party and other radical groups. The New York Times called Kerry's (1) group the "vanguard" of the mass protests. Time magazine outlined "the main events scheduled for the three weeks of protest: Operations Dewey Canyon 3, a rally on the Ellipse and march down Pennsylvania Avenue, workshops and lobbying at various Government agencies by the People's Coalition for Peace and Justice, and large-scale civil disobedience and disruption."

According to newspaper accounts of the day, the following is what occurred during the period of time that Kerry (1, anti-American lawbreaker) was known to have been present.

Protesters violated a U.S. Supreme Court order against illegally camping on the National Mall. John Kerry (continuation) personally announced that the veterans would break the law. Mock search and destroy missions were carried out with protesters forcing their way into Congressional offices, throwing simulated blood and frightening staffers. Congressional hearings were disrupted, public property was destroyed, and illegal drugs were used freely. American flag poles around the Washington monument were torn down and burned. The Viet Cong and North Vietnamese flags were carried proudly by protesters while the U.S. flag was hung upside down in a show of disrespect. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. To get the complete story, read the dozens of quotations from newspaper accounts that were written long before the partisan press had any inkling that Kerry (continuation) would one day run for president here .

These were the news stories of the day that John Kerry (1, hides truth) doesn't want you to know about.

And that's The Point.

9/17- Short Takes September 17th - no mentions

9/18-Air Force Birthday - subject Air Force Birthday, no mentions

9/19- Kerry And The Navy---Massachusetts Senator John Kerry (1, distorts truth) claims it was his sense of public service that inspired him to enter the Navy's Officer Candidate School after his Ivy League school graduation. He acknowledged that his impending graduation from Yale ended his education deferment and that "other deferments were harder to obtain." Instead of seeking further deferments, Kerry (continuation) claimed to have chosen the honorable course of action and joined the Navy. Kerry (continuation) has repeated this claim countless times while stumping for the presidency.

The reality is Kerry (continuation) joined the Navy because it was the military branch least likely to involve assignment to Vietnam -- in order to avoid being drafted into the Army. Kerry (continuation) admitted in a 1971 New York Times profile that "his plans to study abroad were quashed by a notice from his draft board that he would probably be called for service." According to the profile Kerry (continuation) stated, "I enlisted in the Navy" rather than risk jail or avoid the draft by leaving the country. The complete article is posted on the website.

Kerry (4) deserves credit for joining the Navy and for serving his country. The problem is Kerry's (1) pattern of lies, embellishments and exaggerations to create a false image. John Kerry (1) is not the only man to try to avoid the draft. But by not fully disclosing the actual reason why he joined the Navy and covering up his fear of the draft is just another example of a politician who just cannot be honest. One who twists the facts to support his lust for elected office.

It also casts serious doubt on the character of a man who wants to be Commander-in-Chief.

And that's The Point.

9/20- Kerry And The Oath---"I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; so help me God."

This is the solemn oath taken by everyone who joins the military. It's the same oath that John Kerry (3) swore to on December 16th, 1966 when he joined the Navy. And it's same oath Kerry (1) violated on April 21st, 1971. Kerry's (1) Vietnam Veterans Against the War announced they would defy U.S. Park regulations and camp on the National Mall during their 1971 protests. A U.S. District Court order, upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court, made it crystal clear that camping on the mall was illegal. A Justice Department press release was issued, stating that violators would be subject to arrest. It was "John Kerry (continuation) who polled the vets on whether they should defy the injunction by sleeping."

The Washington Star newspaper quoted John Kerry (continuation) as saying, "By a majority of those present and voting, we will stay here and sleep." Kerry (1, wimp) himself spent the night in the Georgetown apartment belonging to a friend.

John Kerry (1) was released from active duty on January 3rd, 1970, but he still had a service obligation he had not completed and he was ordered into the Naval Reserve. He transferred to the Standby or the non-drilling Reserve in July 1972. In other words, in 1971 Kerry (continuation of violation point) was still bound to the oath he swore to, but one he willingly violated. According to the military legal expert we consulted, John Kerry (continuation) broke military law.

How can America possibly trust a man who seeks the highest office in the land, but whose solemn oath, whose word, whose bond, cannot be trusted because he willingly breaks it when he finds it convenient or politically expedient to do so.

To paraphrase his runner-up choice for VP consider this: if you want to know what this man is made of just spend three minutes reviewing the record of what he actually did not what he claimed to have done. And that's The Point.

9/21- Kerry And The Medals---These are ribbons. And these are medals. No one in the military mixes up the two. They are not interchangeable. Yet this is what John Kerry (1, liar) wants you to believe: that people in the military treat these as identical. They're not.

That's the third and latest version of what Kerry (continuation) is telling the public. He says he threw his ribbons and not his medals over a six foot high fence hastily erected around the U.S. Capitol to protect the building from Kerry (continuation)-led demonstrators in 1971. Kerry tossed his medals to show his contempt for U.S. policy

But this is how The Boston Globe newspaper reported what actually happened on that day, Friday, April 23rd, 1971.

"John Kerry (continuation) of Waltham, Mass, a former Navy lieutenant and now a leader of the group, who became a national figure last week, said before he threw his medals over the fence: 'I'm not doing this for any violent reasons, but for peace and justice, and to try to make this country wake up once and for all.'"

Kerry (continuation) has offered numerous accounts of what he actually threw over the fence that day. He had previously claimed he threw medals given to him by another protester. More recently he claimed he threw ribbons. 30 years ago he said it was his own medals. It is nearly impossible to know which of the three versions Kerry (continuation) has told is the real story. But this much is certain. John Kerry (continuation) lied when told two of his three versions. Either way, this incident underscores Kerry's (continuation) lifelong pattern of lies, embellishments and exaggerations. For the record, not everyone who threw medals during that 1971 protest was who he said he was. One supposed veteran tossed fistfuls of medals he claimed he earned including a Silver Star and nine Purple Hearts. But a review of public records does not support his claims of receiving any of those medals.

A detailed review of what happened the day John Kerry (continuation) threw his military medals over the fence in 1971 based on newspaper accounts of the day can be found here . This link doesn't work

And that's The Point.

9/22- Kerry and The Communists---A significant effect of the John Kerry (1, helped communists)-led 1971 protests was it strengthened the resolve of the North Vietnamese to continue to hold American POWs (see here ). link doesn't say this

The Nhan Dan daily newspaper of the North Vietnamese Communist party wrote that the protests in the United States were "a wave among the big waves which are rising higher and higher."

The paper also referred to the Kerry (1, commies like VVAW) group as the "millions of American troops who have participated in the criminal war in Vietnam and were sent back to the United States to the ingratitude of the U.S. administration and indifference of many of their compatriots." (see here ).

In an editorial, the Saigon Post newspaper of democratic South Vietnam viewed the anti-war demonstrations in the U.S. "with sorrow." The paper went on saying "It is indeed sad when the very witnesses to aggression, terrorism and inhumanity now turn their backs on truth in the safety of home." The Kerry (1)-led protests emboldened Communist forces to launch offensive operations against American and South Vietnamese defensive positions only days later.

Kerry's (continuation) hometown newspaper, The Boston Globe reported: "Enemy troops launched two attacks on U.S. and South Vietnamese positions in the north yesterday and staged commando and mortar assaults elsewhere across South Vietnam inflicting severe losses and ending a period of relative calm."

The most persuasive evidence of the devastating effect Kerry (1, discouraged POW's and prolonged war), his testimony, and his planned protests had on American troops are summed up by 5-1/2 year POW, Mike Benge.

Mike Benge, Vietnam War POW said, "But they (the North Vietnamese) named John Kerry (continuation) themselves. Because of what he did. That gave them the encouragement to continue fighting and prolonging the war."

Kerry (1) has a lifetime of experience in foreign policy. Unfortunately, it is a lifetime of supporting Communist forces opposed to the U.S. in Vietnam, in Nicaragua, in pushing for unilateral U.S. disarmament while the Soviets continued their military build-up or by doing their bidding by voting against nearly every major defense program in 20 years of Senate service. John Kerry (1) may make a good president. Just not for the U.S.

And that's The Point.

9/23- Kerry And The Numbers---

527 - That's the section of the Internal Revenue Code under which independent political committees operate.

63 - Million dollars. That's how much pro-John Kerry (2, bully) 527s spent through the summer attacking President Bush (4, underdog). Yet the partisan press overlooked their existence.

500,000 - That's how many dollars were spent by Vietnam veterans challenging Kerry's (continuation) war claims in early August. Yet it was enough for the partisan press to start slamming 527s as "bad."

22 - Former Vietnam POWs who have called Kerry (1) unfit to be commander-in-chief.

7 - Taking a cue from political filmmaker Michael Moore, Kerry (1, disingenuous) attacked the number of minutes Bush (3, mistreated by Kerry disingenuous Kerry attack) waited before departing a Florida classroom visit after being told of the World Trade Center attack.

40 - Kerry (1) stated he watched the 2nd plane strike the World Trade Center on TV and sat down paralyzed, unable to do anything until he saw smoke rise after a plane struck the Pentagon -- 40 minutes later.

82 - The year Kerry (3) was elected as Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis' lieutenant governor.

5,156 - The number of words in Kerry's (1, hides things) Democratic convention acceptance speech.

217 - The number of words in his speech addressing the war in Iraq.

30 - The number of words in his speech discussing his 20 years of Senate service.

210 - The number of pages of Navy documents Kerry (continuation) posted on his campaign website in an attempt to shore up his Vietnam war claims.

1 - A single official Navy document that is missing from Kerry's (continuation) website is the one after action report that tells what really happened on the day Kerry (1, killer of teenager) shot and killed a fleeing Vietnamese teenager. And it's posted here . link doesn't say this, see 9/8

The truth is in the numbers.

And that's The Point.

9/24- SHORT TAKES - September 24th---I wonder about the following topics: Could this be the key event that transforms the global war on terror? The savage hostage-taking and gruesome slaughter in Beslan, Russia earlier this month should be of concern. One thousand Russians have died from terrorist incidents in just one month. The ease with which terrorists have moved in and out of Russia - a county with huge stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction - should alarm everyone.

Should it bother anyone that she'll soon be back? Cynthia McKinney is the former U.S. Representative who was defeated in the primary two years ago over racist and anti-Semitic remarks. The Georgia Democrat recently won the primary for her former seat in an overwhelming Democratic district meaning she'll likely win in November. McKinney is now campaigning that Bush (4, victim of nutty attack) administration officials knew in advance of the 9/11 attacks.

Will the news media finally get it? The brouhaha over CBS and the National Guard records is just the latest media scandal that has tarnished an industry already hit with a credibility problem. It's long past time for news rooms to review reporting practices before they find they've lost all viewers, listeners and readers.

I'm just wondering.

And that's the Point.

9/26- HOLLYWOOD MISFITS -subject depraved Hollywood, no mentions but photo of John Kerry shown as commentary runs

9/27- GUNDECKING---In the last two weeks we've reported almost exclusively on John Kerry (1, hides record) and we've revealed some startling facts about his past that have been concealed from the public.

John Kerry (continuation) does not discuss his six years as an assistant DA, his years as Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor to Michael Dukakis, or his 20 years in the Senate. In fact, Kerry (continuation) devoted all of 30 words to his entire Senate career in his more than 5,000 word Democratic convention acceptance speech. He avoids discussing his past for good reason: his record is weak.

Instead, Kerry (continuation) has campaigned almost exclusively on his four months in Vietnam. He's made it the foundation of his presidential run. And he's challenged critics to review the records. We took him up on his challenge and uncovered official documents that contradict his versions of events.

For Navy and Marine Corps veterans, there are two slang terms in Navy lexicon that come to mind when observing John Kerry (1).

The first is "gundecking." Gundecking is the falsifying of official records and reports, usually to cover-up a wrong doing or to make one look better than he is. Extensive records review shows Kerry (continuation) guilty of gundecking his military career.

The second term is "sea lawyer." A sea lawyer is one who uses semantics, parsing of words, wordplay and other tricks of language in an attempt to mislead someone as to the truth. Kerry (1) has been a member of the "Sea Lawyer Bar" his entire life.

Simply put, John Kerry (1) is a deeply flawed man who has had a lengthy political career free from serious scrutiny. But that has changed. While the partisan press has given him a free ride, those who know better, know better. John Kerry (continuation, and his mother wears army boots) is a gundecking sea lawyer.

And that's the Point.

9/28- CBS TECHNIQUES REVEAL STORY---Once again, The Point has another exclusive. We can report that George W. Bush (4, falsely targeted by liberal press) was responsible for the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby. Using the same innovative investigative techniques and document authentication procedures developed by Dan Rather and 60 Minutes, we've linked this handwritten note from George Bush (continuation) to Bruno Hauptmann, the man who was convicted of kidnapping and murdering the son of the famous aviator, Charles Lindbergh.

Now some have suggested this note bears little resemblance to Bush's (continuation) handwriting and looks more like a document prepared in Microsoft's Power Point slide preparation software. But those critics are driven only by partisan politics. Our battery of forensic document experts unanimously agree that George Bush (continuation) wrote this letter. Yet other critics note that the Lindbergh baby was kidnapped in 1932, fourteen years before Bush (continuation) was even born. We think those critics are only trying to confuse the matter. This document proves he was involved. And if it turns out this document is - in fact - a forgery, we still stand by the thrust of this story as the White House has not refuted the allegations. One unimpeachable source told us that had George Bush (continuation) been alive in 1932, he might have played a role in the kidnapping.

Of course, The Point can't take all the credit for this exclusive. If not for groundbreaking work of Dan Rather and 60 Minutes, we never would have been able to break this story.

And here's another story we are working on. It appears George Bush (continuation) was the man who launched the torpedo from the German U-boat that the sunk the British passenger ship, the Lusitania in 1915.

And that's the Point.

9/29-Revolving Door Aliens subject illegal immigration, no mentions

9/30-Reelection Bid in Doubt -Subject Jacques Chirac, no direct mentions, implies Kerry should run in France and shows his picture as commentary runs